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Genealogical Research Fees

Contingent Fee

We conduct the entire investigation on our own at our expense and risk. We enter into contingent fee agreements with those we find. There is no charge to the Estate, Guardian ad-litem or the Personal Representative. Each heir we locate pays our fee from a proportional share of the amount they receive upon distribution based upon a contingent fee agreement. We then provide all proof, documentation, genealogical charts, records, and Affidavits as may be necessary to establish the claim and to prove entitlement. If there is no recovery or no heirs are located, no one is under any financial obligation to us for anything including expenses.

Hourly Fee

We charge an hourly rate per researcher plus actual out of pocket expenses. No single expense may exceed the hourly rate without the client's advance permission. Clients may elect to choose the amount of time expended for each phase of research. Reports will be furnished at the conclusion of the authorized time frame.

Flat Fee

After being given an opportunity to review a case at no obligation, we may be able to establish a flat fee for the research. There will be a written understanding as to our responsibilities and obligations which shall include a final objective. Clients should be aware that in some instances, (such as lack of information or research in foreign countries), that flat fee quotes may not be possible.

Minimum Fee

The minimum fee charged for any genealogical research, locate or Affidavit shall be determined and discussed in advance.

Per Year/Per Person Fee

The basic fee shall be $750 per each, the maternal and paternal side. In addition, we shall count backwards 15 years from the year of birth of the Decedent until the year of death at the rate of $60 per year. To that shall be added $175 per person located. Foreign research shall bear a minimum fee of $1,500 per each the maternal and paternal side with research at the rate of $80 per year as set forth herein, and $275 per person located. Credits may be issued for duplicate research resulting from maternal and paternal investigation. Searches will include all costs and expenses, a genealogical chart, applicable proofs, a written Affidavit of Due and Diligent Search together with the names and addresses of current heirs or beneficiaries if located. [Not Recommended]

Per Diem Fees

Clients may prefer to retain our firm for research on a per diem basis plus actual expenses for domestic or foreign research, which shall be determined by the parties based upon available information.

Foreign Research

Fees for foreign research shall be determined on a case-by-case basis, and may be either hourly or contingent.

Court Testimony

There will be no charge for testimony on contingent fee matters under any conditions, nor flat fee matters providing is was agreed that testimony was to be included. In the event of travel for depositions, testimony or conferences, the terms of the written agreement shall prevail.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony shall be provided on a per diem basis plus actual expenses. There shall be a minimum evaluation and preparation fee which must accompany the case file. Review and analysis shall be based upon the actual submission(s) and does not include research for corroboration or disallowance.

Written Agreement

A written agreement or memorandum of understanding from the employing party shall be required first in all matters set forth herein other than contingent fee cases. Click Here to request a copy of our Fee Agreement

Payment Of Fees

All fees other than contingent fees shall be considered a general expense of the estate and are to be paid within thirty days after the receipt of our work product and statement, except for expert testimony which is to be paid as set forth by agreement.

Heirship Verification

We verify and corroborate the genealogical work of others as independent unbiased professionals. Fees may either be hourly or based upon a predetermined fee.

We Pay Finder Fees for New Cases

As may be permitted by law or ethics, we are pleased to offer compensation to anyone who first brings a matter to our attention from which we derive a fee. We continually seek independent researchers to visit local probate courts on their own schedule to search for new cases. Click on Employment for further information.

If you are aware of a specific matter with unknown or missing heirs, please contact us for fee arrangements.

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