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Industry directories: Beacons for those seeking genealogical services

As with any important decision, the responsibility of choosing the right genealogical firm can be daunting. And while all the recommendations, certifications and testimonials in the world cannot take the place of sound judgment in such matters, those things can and should provide what is necessary to form an accurate picture of any firm you may be considering. After all, only that kind of accurate picture, informed not only by brochures and marketing literature, but by those individuals and institutions who have had dealings with said firm in the past, can enable you to proceed with confidence in the knowledge that the people you have selected to handle your case can make good on their glossy promises.

Genealogy is a very specialized industry, which is something of a double edged sword. On the one hand, most of us do not have frequent enough encounters with genealogical firms to know immediately who to go to, as we might with a mechanic, for example. This can be somewhat intimidating. On the other hand, because it is such a niche industry, word gets around. A firm that has proven itself time and time again will inevitably leave a footprint that can be detected with just a little digging. This is the reason directories such as A.M. Best can be such a useful tool.

A.M. Best is the oldest and most widely-recognized rating agency dedicated to the insurance industry. Why look to an insurance rating agency for a reference to a genealogist, you might ask? Naturally, genealogical firms do a lot of work for insurance companies who need to track down missing beneficiaries. Who better to trust than those who often use the services you are currently in the market for?

Luckily, since 1927, A.M. Best has been compiling lists of client-recommended expert service providers. Their client reference system was designed for professionals in the industry to have access to the most reliable firms that have a proven record of successfully servicing clients. Directories such as A.M. Best are something of a goldmine for those in need of genealogical services because they are more than objective. The have a vested interest in including only the most dependable expert service providers.

Not only is Morse Genealogical Services listed in A.M. Best's Directory of Service Professionals, they have the added distinction of having been listed continuously for more than ten years. The reason Morse is honored to have such citations is exactly because they cannot be counterfeited or exaggerated. But more importantly for any prospective clients who need assurance that a case will be properly handled, it is one of the ways to identify the true gold standard of genealogical services.