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New Estate with Missing Heirs? Notify us BEFORE you file!

When opening a new estate in which there may be no known heirs, missing heirs or heirs who cannot be located, contacting us before you file the case, will save you time and effort. A simple call or email and our team of genealogical experts will commence the research so that when you actually file the estate, your Petition will be complete, and the heirs will have been accounted for.

As professional genealogists in a family-owned business that is over 80 years old, our staff locates the missing worldwide. Our website, www.findanheir.com says it all. That is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

We refer to this process as “prefile notification”. Experience has shown that you secure your position in relationship to the estate by having all the information in hand when you file. When an estate is filed and shows that there may be missing heirs or additional heirs, unknown heirs, missing addresses for heirs and similar elements of question, competitors to our firm will often locate heirs own their own, obtain their representation, and then petition to have you removed in favor of their attorney, thus removing you from the estate.

Another more obvious advantage is a faster distribution for the beneficiaries making them happy clients, faster payment of your fees, and a faster closing of the estate allowing you to move on to the next case.

Knowing who the heirs are also saves time consuming hearings, the appointment of Guardian Ad Litem’s, countless expenditures of both court and office time not to mention tying up your staff with research efforts when they be doing something more productive for your practice.

Let us be your resource to locate heirs. No state or country is beyond our research through our vast network of professionals. Contact us or have your paralegal reach out to discuss and analyze the estate for our opinion, at no cost or expense. We look forward to working with you and your office!