Locating the Missing A Morse Family Tradition Since 1939

Common Questions for Attorneys

  • When do I notify you? - When it comes to missing heirs, the sooner we are informed the better. Some attorneys, trust departments, guardians, funeral directors and administrators notify us immediately--preferably in advance of filing any official documents. This allows us to be proactive in our efforts to locate heirs. Then, when it is time to proceed with formal filings, all of the heirs are revealed at the onset--and no amendments, modifications or time-consuming efforts are necessary.

  • How do you locate people? - We locate individuals through our vast research network, computer systems, public records and genealogical resources, as well as through speaking with friends, neighbors, employers and family members. We specialize in finding heirs, and our genealogical researchers are respected experts, searching for the missing each and every day. Bottom line: We know how to find people and our family and staff have been doing it successfully since 1939!

  • What are your fees? - Depending upon the size of the estate, our fees are based upon a percentage due the missing heirs and are paid directly by them from their share. This way, the estate or policy holder of an asset is not under any financial obligation. In certain instances, we are retained on an hourly or per diem basis for such things as comprehensive genealogical affidavits and court testimony. Fixed fees are also available for case analysis, heirship corroboration and certain types of specific research. We are pleased to discuss your needs and the best way to serve you.

  • Why should I work with YOUR firm? - Simply put, we are the best at what we do! Since 1939 our family has been working with the legal community on heirship matters. Four generations doing the exact same work. We are knowledgeable, experienced and have all of the right resources and contacts in place, nationally and worldwide. Our reputation for fast, accurate and thorough research is world renown. We are the experts and when your reputation is at stake, it costs no more to use the very best. Our slogan says it all: "Nobody's Faster... No one's Better... And, no firm is more qualified... Bar none."SM

  • Why can't I just use the Internet? - The Internet is a great resource, but very limited in heirship matters. It still takes old-fashioned hands-on research. For example, records and data are sparse, not certifiable for courts and frequently contain information that predates today's laws of Descent and Distribution. Names may be common, yet we must locate, identify, then prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the heirs we present are the lawful and rightful claimants.

  • What do you need to start? - A phone call, email or fax puts our resources into immediate action. We work on matters in which there are missing, unknown, or the possibility of additional heirs. Testate, intestate, or even unclaimed assets. Court Orders are not needed for us to work on a contingent bases since there is no obligation. We take all of the risks at our expense. Starting information such as a death record, obituary notice, family bible, personal papers or just the names of some former friends are all we need. Call us toll-free at 1-800-410-4347.

  • How do you receive new cases? - We are most often informed by attorneys, courts, banks, insurance companies, funeral homes and governmental agencies. In some instances, we work on files sent in by our own researchers from all over the United States, Europe and around the world. Cases also come through our other offices and our many correspondents worldwide.

  • What happens after you find an heir? - After we have a signed agreement, the remainder of our work begins. We arrange the necessary Appearances, order records, documents, prepare genealogical charts and proofs of claim. We also meet with attorneys, banks, courts or the holders of assets, and tend to a multitude of details.

  • Is time of the essence in making claims? - Immediate attention is required in these matters. There are statutes of limitation, cut-off dates and deadlines that we must meet. Each case is different and there varying requirements. We do not have a lawful client until we have a signed agreement in hand, and we cannot do anything to protect our client's interests until then. Once deadlines pass or others have made claims, positions may be diminished, or worse yet, lost forever and lawfully irretrievable.

  • Do you pay referral fees? - Yes! If permitted by law and ethically correct. Our staff will be pleased to discuss specifics on a case-by-case basis.

“It is with great pride that our firm is so well respected in the legal community”

- Harvey E. Morse
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