Locating the Missing A Morse Family Tradition Since 1939

Common Quesitons for Heirs

  • Where is this money coming from? - Just as soon as we receive the signed agreements from everyone who is entitled to participate, we will make a formal "disclosure" to you in writing. We will then give you all of the details as they are known to us. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge the exact source of the assets until agreements are in hand. This is necessary to protect our significant investment because by the time we contacted you, we have already expanded much time, money and research.

  • Is time of the essence when making claims? - Immediate attention is required in these matters. There are statutes of limitation, cut-off dates and deadlines that we must meet. Each case is different and there varying requirements. We do not have a lawful client until we have your agreement in hand, and can't enter an appearance nor do anything to protect your interests until then. Once deadlines pass or others have made claims, your position may be diminished, or worse yet, lost forever and lawfully irretrievable.

  • What is included in your fee? - Our fee includes all services and costs necessary to find the case, locate you, prove your entitlement and have you declared the lawful recipient. In addition, it covers advancing our own money, certain legal fees and expenses, office overhead, equipment, licenses, permits, databases, researchers, long distance phone calls, certified records and documents, translations and express services to name a few. There are no hidden or additional charges. We only receive our agreed upon fee, and not until you receive your share.

  • If I were entitled to something why wouldn't I know about it? - There are so many sources of unclaimed assets available. However, the "holders" of these assets simply do not have the resources or experience to locate people entitled to receive them. Every state has billions of dollars in unclaimed funds. Then there are banks, courts, stock brokerages, governmental entities, insurance companies and many other sources. Our sole business is research, investigation and recovery. We can devote as much manpower as may be needed to any one case, because that's all we do for a living.

  • Will I have to advance any money to you? - No. We are a well-established firm and know when a case is worth pursuing. When we contact someone like yourself, we are so sure of our ultimate success, that we take all of the risks--though not unnecessary ones. We advance all money and only receive our fee if and when distribution is made to you.

  • How much will I owe if your firm is unable to make a recovery? - Nothing! The only time we receive a fee is if you receive your share. Remember, our agreement states: "If you don't receive anything, you will be under absolutely no obligation to us." No recovery, no fee, no charge. It's just that simple.

  • How did you get my name? - We locate individuals such as yourself through our vast research network, computer systems, public records, genealogical research, as well as through speaking with friends, neighbors, employers and family members. We specialize in finding people, and our genealogical researchers are respected experts in their field, searching for the missing each and every day. Bottom line: We know how to locate people!

  • Who asked you to find me? - We are most often contacted by attorneys, courts, banks, insurance companies, funeral homes and governmental agencies. In some instances, we work on files sent in by our own researchers from all over the United States, Europe and around the world. Cases also come through our other offices and our many correspondents worldwide.

  • Why am I entitled to receive assets? - Because through our research and years of experience we have concluded that you are the rightful recipient of something you were unaware of. Your name was not picked out of a hat. Careful and exhaustive investigation was done before we contacted you. We would not be spending our time, money and effort if we weren't sure we had the right person.

  • When will I receive this? - Since we do not obtain our fee until distribution--the same time you receive your share--you can rest assured that we will do everything to recover the assets as quickly as possible. This usually happens within six to nine months from the date of our original contract, but depending on the source and type of case, it could be a matter of a few weeks. Each case varies, and you will be kept informed.

  • What happens after I sign your agreement? - After we receive your signed agreement, the remainder of our work begins. We file the necessary claims, forms and appearances; order records and documents; prepare genealogical charts and proofs of claim; meet with attorneys, banks, courts or the holders of the assets; and sometimes we are required to attend court hearings. We keep you advised of our progress, and ultimately you will be adjudicated to receive your share with an absolute minimum involvement of your time!

“It is with great pride that our firm is so well respected in the legal community”

- Harvey E. Morse
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